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Surviving the Bataan Death March (BDM2) 102k

Surviving the Bataan Death March 2 (BDM2) was not a joking matter. You need to be prepared physically, emotionally and logistically to give yourself the confidence and motivation to continue on and make it to the finish line.

I was introduced to the BDM through Mr. Norio Tanaka (also a Runnex Member), he joined the First BDM last year and our running group (RUNNEX) went all out to support his quest of finishing the 102Km running from Km 0 which is in Mariveles Bataan all the way to Km 102 in San Fernando Pampanga. Having tasted the course when we paced Norio San….the BDM haunted me to no end and not even the discouragement of my wife Yet stopped me from joining the run…her main argument was that…I have not even finished a marathon to date and yet I’m already eyeing for a BDM…am I crazy or what????

Crazy or what can you call me….I secretly planned out my strategy…the first strategy was to register without the consent of my wife. By the time she learned about it, I’m all set to do the BDM.  The next strategy would be to accumulate the necessary mileage….to build up my endurance….to know my comfortable pace and to see how my body reacts to all the elements on the road. Then, I started building up my arsenal, the running shoes…I would be needing at least three pairs, comfortable socks 6-12 pairs of them, 1.5 liters camel back to keep me hydrated, a reliable head lamp, bandannas, running singlets, running tights and most importantly a running partner in the person of Chito Carreon.

Chito and I would do LSDs on weekends in preparation for the BDM, on most occasions, we would be running along with my friends Rene Villarta(no less than the JazzRunner himself), Betty Rosario (next year BDM3 participant) and Tonette Santiago, we tested different routes and courses for our LSDs, them preparing for the First Quezon City International Marathon. So prior to the BDM2, I was able to finish five (5) full marathons (Botak Paa-Tibayan, QCIM, Pasig International Marathon, Cebu International Marathon, & Condura Run), Mid-night run from 12mid-night to 6am, and the final test was a 55Km run from Shell Julia Vargas-C5 Station to Tagaytay. It took us nine hours to finish this test run and for Chito and me, this test run really gave us the full confidence to do the BDM2!

Planning out the final touches for the BDM2, Chito and myself together with Yet attended the Cardo-loading party & final briefing for the BDM2.

At 6:00pm on March 6, Chito & I rolled-out to Mariveles… We arrived at Jollibee Mariveles at exactly 10:00pm, we did some final personal things in Jollibee, after which we proceeded to KM 0 for check-in and marking of our race bids.

124 participants queued in the starting line, the runners were either doing some stretching or having  photo ops with their friends and relatives to document this momentous eveny.  Baldrunner announced that since the participants are all present, we will be starting race early… so at exactly 11:30pm,  Baldrunner fired the gun to signal the start of the BDM2.

The first 7km course was really a surprise, it was an uphill area from Mariviles to Cabcaben, we had to walk all throughout this 7km course so as to conserve our much needed energy to endure the remaining kilometers (anyways, we still have ample time to catch up and we don’t want to get burned-out).  After 7km, it was a flat course passing thru Limay (km23), Orion(km32), Balanga, and finally Abucay (km50) our main pit-stop for breakfast.  We arrived at Abucay around  5:45am (March 7) Chito Carreon and I took some breakfast provided by the organizer (boiled bananas, camote, hard boiled eggs, chocolate bar, and most important some hydration fluid), after the quick breakfast, we changed our shoes, socks, and upper apparels that were already soaking wet from the sweat and water.

When we hit kilometer 60 or 70 (between Hermosa & Dinalupihan), we were met by my wife (Yet), son (Joshua), my brother & cousin as our second support vehicle. At this time of the day,  the temperature was searing at 41c along the whole stretch of Dinalupihan to Guagua(km83), during this occasion we needed to be properly hydrated taking-in a lot of water & isotonic drinks (Gatorade & Pocari Sweat), and cooling ourselves with sponges of water to prevent our skin from dehydration.

The last 10km to the finish line was truly a challenging distance, this is where I have to psychologically tell myself that it’s only a couple of distance to go…. upon reaching the final 2km, my adrenalin was in a rush, exerting all my remaining stamina & energy to beat the cut-off time.

On the last 20o meters before the finish line, cheerers were lined up, clapping, shouting and giving encouragements and extending congratulations…giving me the final push as I crossed the finish line. and there he was the Race Director himself – the Baldrunner with the widest smile giving me a big hug for a job well done.  My wife (Yet) & son (Joshua) were  in high spirits when I finally crossed the finish line. I can’t described how I felt as I complete the 102 km, it was beyond description, an achievement that I thought I could only accomplished in my dreams…but no…it was REAL and I MADE IT HAPPEN…. it was a fulfillment of my desire to “ GO BEYOND MY LIMITS”.

I survived the Bataan Death March (BDM2) 102k with a personal record of 17hrs 48mins 26sec. (MY BRAGGING RIGHT)

first sighting of me at Hermosa (that Joshua) our eldest son

Need to cover my face due to road works along Hermosa & DinalupihBetween Dinalupihan at KM67 & Guagua at KM83

with Joshua my handsome eldest son and Yet my forever support wife.

were almost less that 12km away from the finish line... were running against cut-off time here.

were at the 100km mark... 2km to go..... and were almost there.

The Finish Line....

Finally... I have conquered and survived the BDM2 102k... Standing at the 102km landmark

Standing at the 102km landmark... I SURVIVED AND CONQUERED BDM2 102KM

Baldrunner awarding the BDM2 102k trophy

at KM102 with Chito Carreon... (walang iwanan from starting line to finish line)

my cousin Fred & brother Gie... who have supported me during my 102km quest. (SALAMAT)

Joshua, Yet, and Me at the 102km BDM landmark


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